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Insurance Bad Faith

Advocating for the Rights of Policyholders

When you sign an insurance policy and pay your premiums, you have a contract with your insurance company. While any insurance claim is subject to a number of factors, insurance agreements require the insurer to act in good faith.

If an insurance company unreasonably denies a legitimate claim, improperly withholds benefits, underpays, or subjects you to unjustifiable delays in payment, it is acting in "bad faith." This is illegal, and we can help.

At the Law Offices of David R. Lipson, we assist people who have had a legitimate insurance claim delayed or denied. Standing up against a large insurance company can be intimidating. We can assist you in fighting for appropriate payment of your legitimate insurance claim. Contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

What Constitutes Insurance Bad Faith?

Insurance companies do have latitude in the amount they pay out on certain claims, especially those where the value of the losses is somewhat hard to define. Where there is a range of compensation, insurance companies will frequently attempt to make the lowest possible payment. However, insurance companies are not at liberty to promote their interests at the expense of their policyholders' rights. Bad faith actions can include:

  • Failing to investigate an insurance claim swiftly and thoroughly, due to negligence or intentional misconduct
  • Knowingly denying compensation or benefits legitimately owed
  • Deliberate underpayment or refusal to reimburse you for all of your insured losses
  • Intentionally delaying payment
  • Unreasonably refusing to settle a case out of court
  • Irrational interpretation of policy language
  • Fraud

Any insurance company can commit an act of bad faith. This includes providers of commercial insurance, car insurance, homeowners insurance, and life or health insurance. Regardless of the type of insurance, improper claim denials or delays are a violation of your insurance policy and your rights as a policyholder.

Fighting for Your Benefits

We will work to resolve your case through negotiation, mediation or another method of alternative dispute resolution. However, if those methods do not produce satisfactory results, you can count on us to pursue litigation . We will pursue every legal avenue to help you obtain the legitimate benefits to which your policy entitles you. Contact us by e-mail or at 415-677-4300 to discuss your situation with a lawyer.

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