Business Contracts

San Francisco Lawyer Assisting With Business Contracts

In addition to business litigation, our firm provides a broad range of legal services designed to assist companies in the areas of contracts, employee relations, hiring and firing decisions, general business operations, and successful business transactions.

Some of the business legal services we provide include:

  • General business contracts and agreements
  • Purchase and sale agreements of many different varieties (including complex pricing clauses, termination clauses, and more)
  • Wine industry agreements: grape purchase and sale contracts, and vineyard management contracts
  • Agency agreements
  • Consulting agreements
  • Commercial real estate leases

Over the past thirty-eight years, David Lipson has represented small, medium-sized, and large companies in simple and complex business transactions, contract drafting and review, and general consulting services. He understands that quality, value, and integrity are the building blocks of lifetime business relationships that benefit the client.

Over the years, our firm has been built on trust and dedication to quality. Many of our clients have been referred by other clients who have hired our firm for a previous legal matter.

How May We Help You?

If we can be of assistance with the draft and review of a contract, purchase or sales agreement, lease agreement, commercial real estate agreement, or any other business legal service within our area of practice, contact our office today for assistance.

To reach our office in San Francisco, California, call 415-939-4300 or contact us by e-mail .

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