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Commercial Real Estate Leases

Handling California Commercial Leases

In the development of a commercial lease, there are a number of different interests to protect. Securing a productive match between landlord and tenant requires a lease that benefits both parties. Property owners seeking rental income need to ensure their costs stay low. Tenants are looking for a commercial lease with affordable rent and amenities that promote their own business interests.

At the Law Offices of David R. Lipson, we help clients to draft a commercial lease that satisfies the needs of both parties while protecting our clients' interests. Should a lease or other real estate contract be violated, we are also prepared to pursue litigation.

With 38 years in law practice, David R. Lipson has the skill and experience to protect your interests. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

Negotiating and Drafting Sound, Enforceable Commercial Leases

The drafting of a well-designed commercial lease involves much more than specifying basic information such as rent and a term of occupancy. Particular issues always need to be addressed in order to set realistic expectations for both landlord and tenant, and to provide for functional methods of enforcement if the terms of the lease are not upheld.

We will review these important issues with you and ensure your lease contains terms that protect your interests.

Reviewing Commercial Leases

When we review your proposed lease, we will identify any potential problems and, if we have concerns, we can help you renegotiate. It is not enough to know your lease is similar to others in the local area. An error in a commercial lease can become very costly if a key term is disputed. You should make certain the future of your business is protected by having an attorney review your lease before you sign it.

Resolving Commercial Lease Disputes

Problems do arise in commercial lease agreements. We always seek to resolve disputes in the quickest and most cost-effective way possible. We are well prepared to help you resolve any dispute through negotiation, mediation or litigation .

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